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Anul aparitiei: 1992

Nr. pagini: 312 pagini

Limba: engleza

Stare: de anticariat (foarte buna)

Categorii: Educatie sexuala, Medicina - Sanatate


Contraception: Your Questions Answered is the established primary source of information about reversible methods of contraception. Presented in an informal - and yet highly informative - question-and-answer style, it represents a dialogue between general practitioner (asking the questions) and reproductive health specialist (providing the answers). The main aim of the book is to give practical guidance to busy clinicians when they are faced with patients who want help with choosing the best means of controlling fertility. Most chapters conclude with questions frequently asked by patients - the answers to which can be very difficult for the unprepared and busy clinician to improvise 'on the spot' in the surgery.

Written by contraception expert Professor John Guillebaud, this book is an invaluable resource for GPs, family planning doctors and nurses, trainee and consultant gynaecologists, medical students and the interested general reader.